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Trending: The blackout tattoo

The blackout tattoo is an incredibly bold statement that screams, “Commitment.”

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What are the most popular tattoos people are getting at SXSW?

This year’s film festival was chock-full of locals and tourists alike getting tattoos as part of their enjoyment.

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Skin revitalization can help at any age

It’s true that laser skin treatment can provide a host of benefits for older adults, but new and emerging laser technology can also be useful for younger folks as well.

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Tattoo removal offers a second chance to some

Thankfully, laser tattoo removal is more accessible now than ever, and some organizations are taking it upon themselves to offer some recipients of bad tattoos a second chance.

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The sun never sets on taking care of your skin

Just because you’re not busy overnight doesn’t mean that your skin is equally idle.

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Don't fall victim to these autumn skin health risks

As we round the final bend of the season and prepare to leave August behind for September, so too do we get ready to ditch summer for fall.

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