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Goodbye to Radiation Tattoos

Undergoing breast cancer treatment is often a long, difficult journey, and for many, it’s one they want to leave in the past. Radiation tattoos — which help ensure precision and safety during treatment— represent survival, strength, and resilience, but they can also be a painful reminder of cancer. So while

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Your At-Home Guide to a Breast Self-Exam

In the battle against breast cancer, proactive care is a key weapon. While only a mammogram can detect tumors before they can be felt, 40 percent of breast cancer diagnoses begin with women feeling a lump. Monthly self-exams keep you familiar with your breasts so you can identify changes more

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At-Home Skincare for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin doesn’t have to be hard to get. Often, it’s simple measures that can give you the best skin. Rather than relying only on cleansers and products for clear skin, take action in other aspects of your life for a flawless face. Using SPF 30 daily is the best…Read more

The science behind how a tattoo fades over time

Curious as to how your ink is fading?

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Update: The Marine's tattoo policy

Of all the military branches, the Marine Corps are the most strict when it comes to having tattoos.

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What happens when you embrace a botched tattoo

Maybe your best friend’s girlfriend thought she were getting the symbol for “peace” when in actuality she was labeled with having an “evil spirit.”

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