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Don’t Settle For Additional Laser Treatments

Traditional laser treatments are a lot like the original Macintosh: revolutionary for its time, but a clunker compared to today’s models. As technology has improved, so has laser therapy. Today, you have multiple options to carefully weigh, and we can help with that.   When other, older laser methods and PicoSure’s

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Makeup-Ready or Not? The Secret’s Under Your Foundation

Good skin care is the “foundation” to a great makeup day. Luckily, achieving a smooth base doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are three steps to make sure your skin is foundation-ready:   Get off to a smooth start. To help with hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and acne scars, PicoSure has you covered.

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Acne Scars Don’t Have to Be a Lifelong Curse

There are many things we outgrow when we become adults. Unfortunately, acne scarring isn’t always one of them. A number of factors can cause acne, and treating these inflamed bumps can be tricky. But the prolonged inflammation can also cause dark spots and scarring — painful reminders of an already frustrating situation. According to Dr. Emil Tanghetti of

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Stop Covering Up

When it comes to being self-conscious, all of us have our moments. Usually, these instances of insecurity happen once in awhile – a bad hair day or having to settle for your “big pants” can make anyone temporarily feel a bit down. For sufferers of acne scars, insecurities can cause

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Dissecting the Sunscreen Aisle

For most of us, the sunscreen aisle is a place visited in the summer and happily left behind when fall hits. It can be a lengthy thought process filled with confusion while we decide which brand will feel the lightest, protect the most, and keep our skin from reacting badly.…Read more

Protecting Your Skin from Life’s Wear and Tear

Life has a way of beating us all up sometimes. Whether it’s a tough day on the job, endless traffic, or just the constant pulse of life… It’s safe to say that it isn’t always easy. Despite the ways in which life wears on us, our skin is one thing…Read more
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