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Celebs turn to tattooing for casual commemoration

Jul 10 2014

We often like to think of celebrities as living on a whole other planet, removed from the ins and outs of normal daily life experienced by us regular humans. Read More >

National Tattoo Day: The chronicle of a subculture

Jul 9 2014

Tattooing is an art that has enjoyed a history in the U.S. as colorful and checkered as the myriad designs tattoo artists ink into their patrons. Read More >

Tattoo industry struggles with licensing and regulation

Jul 9 2014

You wouldn't go to your neighbor for heart surgery, your roommate's buddy Pete to defend you in court, or "that guy that your friend knows" for a root canal - so why would you take your chances when it's time to choose your tattoo artist? Read More >

Tattoo artists turn long-term tattooing into an endurance challenge

Jul 7 2014

As a general rule of how humans work, if there's something that people like to do, there will undoubtedly be those who desire to come along and do it harder, bigger, faster or for longer. Read More >

Car enthusiasts rev their engines over auto-themed tattoos

Jul 2 2014

The mixing of two subcultures is a fairly common occurrence in the U.S., and in some cases it can have flashy and colorful results. Read More >

Ted Cruz celebrates April Fools’ with a tatt

Jun 27 2014

Every year on April 1, people attempt to trick others with lighthearted pranks - some small-scale and others more elaborate. Read More >

One college basketball fan’s risky team tatt

Jun 27 2014

Some sports fans are so confident in their teams' abilities to win that they get inked up in their honor before a championship is even over. Read More >

Top apps for tatt enthusiasts

Jun 27 2014

Now, it seems as if there is an app for nearly any purpose you can imagine - including tattoos. Read More >

Does the future of tattooing lie in printing machines?

Jun 27 2014

Traditionally, tattoos are etched on the skin by a human being - which is why each design can be considered a unique piece of art. But what if body art could be done by a machine? Read More >

Top 3 worst tattoo locations

Jun 27 2014

Once someone decides to get a tattoo, one of the first aspects they'll think about is where they want their ink. Read More >