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The media is buzzing about PicoSure.

Check out these articles and videos to discover why PicoSure is the most advanced treatment available for the removal of tattoos and unwanted brown spots.

Tattoos and the midlife crisis

Apr 15 2014

Something dramatic happens when people hit their 40s. Read More >

How is one fan dealing with his Kentucky tatt?

Apr 9 2014

When a die-hard Kentucky fan named Tyler Austin Black got a calf tatt proclaiming his team the national champion, some may have raised their eyebrows at his bold move. Read More >

Brand tattoos: A new level of loyalty

Mar 31 2014

Sometimes, consumers feel a strong connection to a brand, and they'll do whatever it takes to support their products and services. Read More > Health: Rue that tattoo? In one of life’s few do-overs, laser removal takes off

Mar 20 2014

More than one third of young Americans have at least one tattoo and the number of tattoo removal pro Read More >

Picosure featured on Bethenny

Mar 12 2014

Watch Dr. Eric Seiger of Skin & Vein Center in Michigan perform a Picosure tattoo removal treatm Read More >

The luck and unluck of the Irish: St. Patrick’s Day tatt regrets

Mar 10 2014

St. Patrick's day has a deep-rooted history in the Irish culture. Read More >

Remarriage provides cause for tattoo removal

Feb 21 2014

There are plenty of reasons why someone might decide to undergo laser tattoo removal. Read More >

The healing process: Boston Marathon tattoos

Feb 20 2014

In the wake of any tragedy, people who are affected deeply by the events may feel the urge to bond together and express their support for the victims. Read More >

Are tattoos compromising your career?

Feb 19 2014

In today's competitive workforce, it's more important than ever to stand out to potential employers. However, it's important to be distinct in the right away - and new research suggest that tattoos could draw the wrong kind of attention. Read More >

Olympians with ink

Feb 19 2014

Whether or not they break records, Olympians have something to be proud of: Their athletic abilities are already impressive. Read More >